Top Picks For Best Nerf Guns

In those cases, I just push the dart down.

If you break your brand new Nerf toy, don’t come crying to us about how we ruined your Longshot. It does not involve pulling a string. Really far.

We tried out Nerf guns–from single shot blasters to fully automatic guns–and list here our top three picks for the best Nerf guns. If you are looking for the one and only Nerf gun that can simply own a Nerf battle, then the Vulcan is the gun for you.

Remove the bottom of the ammunition box.

Choose a cookie or cracker tin and use super glue to attach to the underside of the ammunition box.

. Why do I say that? Well, let’s compare the Stampede to the Longshot.

The only potential problem with this modification is that sometimes the gun jams. The Stampede’s magazine system reloads the darts quickly; you can easily shoot about three darts a second. One day I bought more bullets and chose Sonic Micro Darts to try out with my Maverick. Read on for detailed reviews and advice about where to buy a Nerf gun at the best prices!

If you play with your Nerf guns outside, you just can’t beat the Longshot. With the Sonic Micro darts, the Maverick is top-notch. There’s even a fold-down bi-pod to help you steady your aim for important shots.

Our Picks for the Best Nerf Guns

We know you love Nerf guns, or you wouldn’t have landed on this page. There are two small plastic pieces to cut off, and then the barrel comes out all the way. This makes reloading faster. Most complaints are due to improper belt loading. This usually is not a big deal, because now you are fully loaded with 50 darts.

Here is how to modify the Vulcan’s ammunition box so that it can hold the larger, 50-dart belt.

Read This Before Modifying Your Nerf Longshot Magazine!

No other Nerf gun is more popular for modification than the Longshot. The Longshot does out-perform the Stampede in accuracy and distance.

Another Great Toy Gun: Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS hit the market recently and it’s already one of our favorites. The best way to make a nice clean cut is to use a table saw or band saw with a rip fence.

Use an X-acto knife to deburr both halves of the magazine along the inside edges. It can easily launch foam arrows up to 50 feet with pinpoint accuracy. This new dart magazine will hold about 12 darts.

How to Modify a Nerf Vulcan

The biggest complaint about the Nerf Vulcan is that the belt only holds 25 darts. Do not tighten them all the way. Study a few different guns before you attempt to modify your Nerf. The first thing I noticed was that they looked cooler in the Maverick’s barrel, but it gets better. However, if your battles are inside, then the Stampede is your best bet. Be careful not to get any glue residue on the inside of the dart magazine.

Combine the two springs using 10-32 screws, hex nuts, and washers. The CS-6 comes with a clip that can hold a total of 12 streamline darts, so you can be reloaded and back in the action in two seconds.

I know people who have mixed opinions about this gun, but I believe that is because they do not know how to work it. They need to be smooth, or you will not be able to make a nice clean joint. In a few years, the Stampede could easily become the best Nerf ever. If you are new to modifying Nerf guns, however, make sure you understand exactly what you are doing. Make sure you grasp the mechanics behind the spring-powered Nerf blaster.

The Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 gets our top pick as the best Nerf Gun because it features both great design and versatility. At least three feet farther!

Plus the micro darts whistle, so it sounds like bullets are whizzing over your head. The ability to reload quickly can make the difference between staying in the heat of an intense Nerf battle and getting shot. Pulling a trigger fires arrows.

Figure out where to cut, then remove the screws and springs from both magazines and carefully cut where you measured on both magazines.

The magazine that will be the bottom half needs to be cut to be 4 inches high. In my opinion, you should own both!

Nerf Big Bad Bow: Modified to Fire Darts

The Nerf Big Bad Bow is one of Nerf’s most popular toys. Try that one on your Nerf battle buddies!

Add your own custom modifications to this puppy, and you’ll own the neighborhood for both range and firepower.

If you’re ready to modify your Longshot so that the dart magazine can hold more rounds, follow the steps below.

Included are detailed instructions for modifying your Nerf gun so it can hold more bullets or reload more quickly.

I was going to give the Nerf Maverick a lower rating until I made an amazing discovery. Basically, the Nerf Longshot is two blasters in one. Also, these guns are easy to modify, even for people who don’t think they are good at tinkering. The magazine that will be the top half needs to be cut to be 4-1/4 inches high. Consider yourself warned!

One of the CS-6’s great features is quick reload. Once you know how to work the Vulcan, you will be able to throw down a ton of darts and keep your friends ducking for cover as you laugh your brains out in delight.

Full mod explanation and pictures courtesy of nerfhaven.

You can’t beat the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan for sheer firepower. I have had no problems with this gun, except that occasionally the barrel doesn’t spin because a dart is sticking up. If you use metal screws and nuts, you may need to apply thread-lock or use self-locking hex nuts.

Now you are ready to put your modified dart magazine together. I fired, and the micro dart flew far. This really can be a problem, because the Vulcan fires so quickly that you find yourself out of darts and vulnerable to counter attacks in short order.

This video shows how the Big Bad Bow can be modified to fire regular Nerf gun darts.

The Longshot requires you to pump each shot, while the Stampede is fully automatic. It’s a long Nerf gun but it is also one of the most accurate Nerf guns ever. Did you know that Nerf isn’t just a funny name? It stands for something: Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Rough insides edges may also prevent the darts from loading properly.

Apply super glue and join the two pieces together

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