CNN – Gambling online? You bet!

has had little cooperation from any other nation. The original version of Kyl's bill failed most of these tests. Says Opel, "Bringing in the big names and established companies only adds credibility and visibility to what we're already doing." Is it legal? A few hurdles have to be cleared before such ventures can take off - beginning with the federal [...]

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Top Picks For Best Nerf Guns

In those cases, I just push the dart down.If you break your brand new Nerf toy, don't come crying to us about how we ruined your Longshot. It does not involve pulling a [...]

Online Gambling – The Games by Kenneth Bateman

The right combination of symbols must be aligned with the payline in order to win. The slot machine's reels are lined up on what is known as a payline. Blackjack is played [...]

Don’t Bet on It: Sports Gambling in America

Few turn on the games, especially football, without knowing the betting line. Of course, gambling depends upon the games remaining unfixed. Only five states do not have a [...]

The world’s largest concentrated solar plant

It could produce enough energy to power over one million homes by 2018 -- lowering carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons per year. Morocco bets on solar power. The [...]

Research and Markets: Research Report – Global Online Gambling & Betting Market 2014

Mobile gambling is expected to grow at double-digit rates and to reach over 40% of the total online gambling market by 2018, as the number of mobile gambling users increases [...]

How to Understand the Point Spread When Betting on Sports by RJ Bell

Emily loves sports - college football, NFL, and NBA. If bettors were allowed to bet on who was simply going to win the game, smart ones would obviously bet on the better [...]

Summer Games For Kids: How To Play Wiffle Ball

I've found that the original balls allow for more spin and tricks with the ball when pitching, and it does more interesting things in the air when hit. Plus, who doesn't love [...]

Congress in a race with states to pass online gambling law | Reuters

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed legislation on February 27 authorizing online gambling in an attempt to help the state's struggling casino industry and generate [...]

How to Bet the Kentucky Derby: A Beginner’s Guide

What's a superfecta anyway, and how do you bet one?Picking a HorseThere are 20 horses in the field for the Kentucky Derby, though as of now only 19 will be running Saturday [...]

Using Reverse Line Movement To Win

Keep an eyes on the top five sportsbooks at Sports Insights though, as NCAAF sports betting has been very liquid in that regard, with only one sportsbook (believe it or not, [...]